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perpetual thoughts
Skillful performers rattling in my inner dome
Scratching, scuttling, their way through these ancient halls
Finger across the mantle
Caked dust, my soul is captivated
Smearing it's hostile existence
Sullied my thoughts to direful dreams
The peace, I beg to reconcile
Tottering along the ridged wood planes
Strung together to cross my way
Fraying along the edges
Prepared for doom as my shadow denies my cry
Planks splintering beneath
Falling again, into my immortal abyss of hell
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'Prosperity' by ncenger 'Prosperity' :iconncenger:ncenger 1 1
2 pints of coffee later...
Starring at the light ambience my computer lusters through my twitching eyes I glance at the outer world I ever so much love and hate.  A penguin suited man passing gallantly along his way, holding his head high as a giraffe would to reach that distant branch full of ripe leaves.  Swaying his legs like nothing stands in his way.  Beaded eyes, shallow and grey while clenching onto his briefcase like he was holding the world.  Robotic vibe, yes ma’am, no ma’am, one sugar, decaf probably so his wires don’t get twisted in his ever so straight-lined metal structure.  What is it that you carry in that  “briefcase” of yours?  A sense that you are indefinitely needed in this world?  Or a sense that you are trapped in this one way motion following your leader to a “better success” right, left, right, left, right, to the path of righteousness.  The only way to fulfill your
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Customized Cave
Gaping into the bottomless puddle by my shivering legs only to see my reflection glaring back at my wondering curiosity. Beady eyes, motionless movement, yet a sense of serenity.  An artist at heart, soul and mind.  I feel the want and need seeping through my very cage that consumes these thoughts. A prisoner on my edge, ready to spread these wings and drift among the open sky.   Leaping off this ledge near the line of absolution and motivation to help me soar into my true roots.  Roots like a tree, go deep into possibilities, deep into the transition of life above the soil and death beneath the dirtied surface.    Absorbing the light, the rain, begging for the existence of it’s tomorrow.  Paralyzed by the shock of light, burning through its branches it’s worked ever so hard for.  Cedar smell scents my nose, death has approached. Trapped inside this mind and imagination constantly puts my bra
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Frozen in this current mind
Bloodied from the hate I hide
Some may say I’ve lost my mind
Who knows what else there is to find
As the bristly leaves fall upon my cheek
Drowning in this amber pile
Feeling paralyzed and weak
Why it’s taken so long a while
Presence of your stone cold eyes
I always had to run and hide
Lips pour out careless lies
My patience oh why I should abide
Dirtied by the soil within
Venom seeping through these veins
Living with such unwanted sin
Obliterate this broken mind of pain
Fly away, distant, far and gone
Leaving my damaged past
Disintegrating the numbness I’ve felt for too long
For awhile I thought I’d never last
Swimming in this vacant sea
Deserted, abandoned, desolate
Warmth overcomes my body, clear and free
Oh how I lived among regret
This empathy now has taken over me
Distant from the cold that’s placed me in this never-ending solitude
I am free, reborn
Built up from a fresh seed, sprouting and renewed
No longer beaten, subdued or
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Bite the Dust of Death by ncenger Bite the Dust of Death :iconncenger:ncenger 0 0 Reverie by ncenger Reverie :iconncenger:ncenger 0 0 Pine Mountain Sun Set by ncenger Pine Mountain Sun Set :iconncenger:ncenger 1 0 Andy by ncenger Andy :iconncenger:ncenger 0 0
Dance Puppets, Dance
I see them rely on the very substance that makes them believe their hell is existant no more.  Smoke smothering their drums full of emotion screaming for an outlet.  Escape from life, running away from their very reality that life is worth not a point but just an everlasting show while the puppet strings drag them along the dusty stage.  Bitter laughter, ignorant eyes.  Dance puppets... dance
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Happy Travels 2 by ncenger Happy Travels 2 :iconncenger:ncenger 0 0 Vernal by ncenger Vernal :iconncenger:ncenger 0 0 Trepidation by ncenger Trepidation :iconncenger:ncenger 0 0 Pots by ncenger Pots :iconncenger:ncenger 0 0 Corinthian by ncenger Corinthian :iconncenger:ncenger 0 0 Frozen in Time by ncenger Frozen in Time :iconncenger:ncenger 0 0


i refuse to fade for you by Kurare i refuse to fade for you :iconkurare:Kurare 11 14
I sit here waiting and watching,
For the one to call my own,
Looking for a good reason to sing,
Waiting patiently all alone,
Life can be hard at times,
And worse at others,
Much worse than any crimes,
Is the loneliness that smothers,
So if you are looking, waiting, watching,
For the one to call your own,
Never endless dreams of dating,
Waiting impatiently by the phone,
I myself have no one to hold,
No one to have in loving embrace,
I feel like death is covering me in cold,
No one to bring a smile to my face,
Seize this moment and stop debating,
Get up and look for someone as well,
For the one worth all the fighting,
The one that's worth all this hell,
As you search keep in mind,
That life can be good or bad,
So be careful of what you want to find,
Because sometimes the ending is sad,
I myself have been found crying,
For love I don't have and so desire,
All the time my soul is slowly dieing,
Like wood being consumed by fire,
I barely feel the pain anymore,
Wanting, needing kind embrace,
:iconokarotokohano:OkaroTokohano 29 20
Fear by ratpat13 Fear :iconratpat13:ratpat13 1,234 155 Autumn... Genesis by IrondoomDesign Autumn... Genesis :iconirondoomdesign:IrondoomDesign 135 28 Tracks by BrianWolfe Tracks :iconbrianwolfe:BrianWolfe 32 39 T h e T r a i l I R by BrianWolfe T h e T r a i l I R :iconbrianwolfe:BrianWolfe 28 49 Tree Of Light by lowapproach Tree Of Light :iconlowapproach:lowapproach 6,301 611
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Nicole Enger
United States
Current Residence: Plymouth
Favourite genre of music: Metal, Rock
Favourite photographer: variety of dark photographers
Favourite style of art: mysterious, creepy, moving.. yadayada
Operating System: Photoshop, Illustrater
MP3 player of choice: don't have one unfortunately, my ipods broken
Shell of choice: hm..i'd say a turtle, so I can hide when people bother me
Wallpaper of choice: i prefer paint .. : b
Skin of choice: my own i suppoer
Favourite cartoon character: snoopy, bryan, hoops and yoyo, patrick
Personal Quote: life is short, do what you want to do, be who you want to be, dont let anyone come between that


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oh i SURE DO lol except i only come on like once every three months :(
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yeah so i noticed lol, that's cool i don't come on much anyways..
revenant43 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2007
interesting poems. didn't know you wrote poetry. i like them.
ncenger Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2007
yeah i told you i write a lot, some of it poetry other in a sense of thought, but anyways yeah thank you : )
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still working on getting more of my recent photography up, but very busy.. bare with me
TheDevilWearsSkirts Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2007  Student Interface Designer
Hey, i've had a quick look at your gallery and will have another ook in a minuite. You've got some really nice pictures.

I was woundering if you wouldn't mind having a look at mine to. Im looking for a wider picture of what people think of my stuff!
So if you could that'd be awsome :)

And maybe watch swap?

Thanks :)

C ya :wave:
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